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“The Buddy Cup”

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Need to escape?

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Instead of staying in the grey walls of your somber, depressing cabin, which would not want to go out and to dance for the lunch? Revolution is going to break your routine solo noon and to bring out you in town for a dance. It will be your most important business meeting of the week.

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What’s worse than being hacked? Being fake! #MTVHack

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Have you ever watched a concert or any other performance that was so bad, that you felt bad for the performer, you empathise with them… because of how pitiful it is!
That’s how I felt watching MTV’s fake hack stunt yesterday…

Here’s more details about this case study “Marketing Don’ts”. Earlier that day, Burger King’s twitter account (@BurgerKing) was hacked. Mostly it was harmless, and I would argue that it created positive PR for Burger King. The photo profile photo was changed for a Mc Donald’s one, and the comments included things like:

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Pinterest looking fresh!

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The big social media upcoming star, picture sharing website Pinterest, is trying out a brand new look. The team released a blog post announcing a soon to come upgrade of the website with some cool features! The new version is only on trial at the moment and if you’d like to be amongst the first ones to test it you can apply here

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