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Superheroes to help the children to fight the cancer

Cancer-Warner-hôpital-maladie-cure-Batman-Superman-Green-Lantern-3 0comments

The hospital A. C. Camargo, a hospital specialized in the prevention and the treatment of the cancer in Brazil, decided to work with the agency JWT Brazil to help the children to cross this difficult event.

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WWF intervenes in a decisive match and surprises the spectators!

gazon-WWF 1 comment

WWF, the world bottom for the nature which militates for the conservation of our planet launched an awareness-raising action on the dangers of the deforestation.

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Need to escape?

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Instead of staying in the grey walls of your somber, depressing cabin, which would not want to go out and to dance for the lunch? Revolution is going to break your routine solo noon and to bring out you in town for a dance. It will be your most important business meeting of the week.

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Florida Atlantic University found a sponsor for its stadium… For-Profit Prison group GEO

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A quite amazing and remarkable news has come out this week. Florida Atlantic University who invested a lot of money in building a new stadium needed a corporate investor… Well the call for bid came to a conclusion and the winner is: GEO Group, a for-profit prison group! 

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