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“The Buddy Cup”

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The magic of the advertising, and if we invert the roles of the men and the women in ad?

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We have very too much the habit of dump on men and women has fault of the sexist images, we often see subdued and stupid women, virile and imperious men.

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Evian Babies

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Evian launched a new advertisment with dancing babies!

The concept of this advertising? Adults seeing their reflection modified when they walk down the street. The mirrors and windows make them look younger; and Evian suggest it has something to do with the water they’re drinking… 

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Happiness Machine

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Ultra thin, the promise of Diet Coke!

A new way of putting forward Coca-Cola’s concept for it’s Diet drink.

The Ogilvy Paris agency designed a quite new concept, the “Slender Vender”, an ultra thin distributor of Diet Coke. The objective is to illustrate the promise of the product.

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A secret message only visible to children!

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You like secrets? A campaign which hides a secret message? That’s what the GREY agency came up with for an advert for the ANAR foundation (Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk).
When an adult will sees the advert, he will only see a picture about raising awareness on the ill-treatment of children that says: “Sometimes, child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it”.

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Florida Atlantic University found a sponsor for its stadium… For-Profit Prison group GEO

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A quite amazing and remarkable news has come out this week. Florida Atlantic University who invested a lot of money in building a new stadium needed a corporate investor… Well the call for bid came to a conclusion and the winner is: GEO Group, a for-profit prison group! 

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What’s worse than being hacked? Being fake! #MTVHack

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Have you ever watched a concert or any other performance that was so bad, that you felt bad for the performer, you empathise with them… because of how pitiful it is!
That’s how I felt watching MTV’s fake hack stunt yesterday…

Here’s more details about this case study “Marketing Don’ts”. Earlier that day, Burger King’s twitter account (@BurgerKing) was hacked. Mostly it was harmless, and I would argue that it created positive PR for Burger King. The photo profile photo was changed for a Mc Donald’s one, and the comments included things like:

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The Super Bowl: Sporting event or Marketing event?

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Why not both? We at Mintia definitely don’t mind watching all those cuts in between two adverts!
Truth is, this IS the single most viewed sporting event in the USA but can any of you recall the winner of last year’s game? On the other hand can you recall the Terry Tate Rebook ad, where he’s tackling people to increase office productivity? Bet you can!

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