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Mintia’s founders & Google for Entrepreneurs to help startups improve their PITCHing skills

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In the spirit of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, Google for Entrepreneurs along with Harun Osmanovic and Przemyslaw Stanisz, the Co-founders of Mintia and more recently NorthStar Consulting, are organizing a 10 workshop training to help startups in Poland improve their pitching skills.
“We have many startups with great technical skills here in Malpolska, say Paulina Mazurek, head of the Google For Entrepreneurs program in Krakow, but they need to know how to sell their ideas better in order to compete on the international stage”PITCH! logoThe workshop will include basic sales techniques, public speaking tips, powerpoint and video presentation advice and more related trainings.

“We also wanted to invite guest speakers, says Przemyslaw Stanisz the Founder of, because having different point of views is crucial to grow. We’re happy so many great people are ready to help”.
The guest speakers will include:

Ken Globerman, MBA, founder of Global Group Ventures and business consultant with a specialty in corporate finance and private equity, will give startups advice on how to pitch to investors
Czysta Reforma (, the independant Theatrical troupe from Smolensk street in Krakow will give the participants a workshop about body language
ISTV ( the movie production startup from Krakow will give advice on video editing and how to make powerful video presentations.
Livia Smatralova, the Slovak representative of NorthStar consulting, a PhD student in applied Mathematics and Sales Director will teach startups how to use metrics to monitor sales.
Katarzyna Gola from Flowbox feels that “having initiatives like these will really help the whole community to grow on the international stage”
The program is completely FREE but the spots are limited to 10 companies. To sign up for the program the entrepreneurs have to fill the following form and send a 1min video about them or their product: Sign up here
For more information: Visit the Facebook page

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