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Superheroes to help the children to fight the cancer

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The hospital A. C. Camargo, a hospital specialized in the prevention and the treatment of the cancer in Brazil, decided to work with the agency JWT Brazil to help the children to cross this difficult event.

The draftsmen of the League of the Upholders of the law worked on 4 comic strips telling the story of a superhéro which knows the same disease as the children and which gets fresh ideas in energy thanks to a super-formula.


Be pockets of treatment by intravenous injection were hidden in boxes from colors different dee upholders of the law transforming the medical treatment into a super-formula for superhero. These cases were co-developed with the doctors so that they are easy to sterilize, to treat and so that they answer all the standards of hygiene of the hospital.

An idea magnificent and full of hope to help the children to fight(dispute) the cancer and the support of the often painful treatments.


Sources: Mdelmas, Minutebuzz, Mintia

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