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“The Buddy Cup”

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When technology falls into the wrong hands, the results can be disastrous, like the Sith getting their skeletal hands all over the Death Star blueprints, or monkeys figuring out how to use firearms (trust me, it will happen). Much like a bemused monkey turning a handgun between its prehensile fingers, Budweiser Brazil has had access to social media sites like Facebook for a long time, but until this very moment in history, it has been unable to effectively use those sites. However, the world can no longer sit idly by, heedless of the gun-monkey Budweiser because the beer-maker has created the ultimate scourge in barroom mingling: the Buddy Cup.

What is the Buddy Cup, you ask? Oh, just another way for some stranger to gain access to all of your personal information. No bigs. When your Buddy Cup clinks with another Buddy Cup (at a Budweiser-sponsored event, of course), your cup’s QR code and and built-in chip ensures that you have automatically acquired a new Facebook friend. Or Facebook stalker, the ad isn’t clear.

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