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A secret message only visible to children!

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You like secrets? A campaign which hides a secret message? That’s what the GREY agency came up with for an advert for the ANAR foundation (Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk).
When an adult will sees the advert, he will only see a picture about raising awareness on the ill-treatment of children that says: “Sometimes, child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it”.

The advert’s objectiv is help the children mistreated without causing the suspicion of their aggressor.

The concept is based on a visual effect. It is a single poster that delivers two different messages for two different targets. How? By using the lenticular morphology, a process which consists in transforming, according to the angle of view, an object to another one.

The adults will see this:


Whereas the child will see the picture of an assaulted child followed by a message “If somebody hurts you, call us and we’ll help you”Untitled3

An effective campaign because the message is personalized and delivered only to the relevant target, that is to say, the children.

We all a secret hidden deep inside. What is yours?

Sources: CoCreate, DesignTaxi, Mintia 


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