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Mother of Keyboards !

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You know how they say “Designers know what we need better than we do”? Well here is a great example of that.

Maxim Mezentsev and Aleksander Suhih designed this amazing E-inkey Keyboard concept. It goes a little like this: you can choose ink screens as keybord buttons and can change the layouts or customize the keys depending on which software you are using. On the pictures below you can see an example of the display on the board under Ai, but really the potential for this is huge.

As a proud user of an AZERTY keyboard, for example, anytime someone takes my computers they put multiple spells on me as a revenge for the hassle I put them through. Thanks to Maxim and Aleksander we can imagine a future where every computer is sold with the same board, regardless of the country… because the keys can adapt to different alphabet. This could indeed help companies save a lot on the manufacturing end, by not having to make differentiated keys.

So please do share this if you like it, because it is an idea whose time might just have come.


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